Engagement Journal


As this is the final day, I just finished up the presentation and just getting ready to present.




I started working on the final presentation, and waiting on getting the prints so that we can trim them and have them fit the jewel case.


The website is finished, I got ash to help me with the descriptions and over the weekend we were able to get the PDFs to Cromar so that they can be printed.


I was absent but we are closer to the finish line than before. All I need now is to work on the descriptions for the CDs on the website, I’m not sure what Ash needs to finish on.


Came back from break, couldn’t do much on the project because of working pretty much all of break but the one thing I changed was get rid of the one product that was either gonna be poster or a book because Ash knew that he wouldn’t have enough time to complete it in time for it to be printed.




Since we still don’t know what the 3rd item will be, so I will help Ash out to collect a part of the song credits so that we can get closer to the finish line. I hope break will give us time to do get things done.


I couldn’t find out how to change it so I put the opacity back to the drop menu. Now we need to figure out what the 3rd product will be for the “store” so I can finish the rest of the website.


I finally figured out how to change the logo for the site identity and it looks so much better than the place holder image. The only thing that I need to find out is the opacity for the drop menu so the text is more visible than the background menu.


Got a good portion of the website made before the weekend, just need to figure out how to fix the logo for the site identity and other little things.


We had our presentation today because we weren’t ready to present Monday. It went well but we didn’t have enough feedback because we didn’t have much to show.


We need to work on our presentation because we were ill prepared for today by the fact that work on it over the weekend.


I am continuing to build the website and try to work on the presentation, probably won’t get a chance to get to the presentation.


I hate “balancing” work and school work. I’m awful at it. Slow progressing with the website, and it’s coming along ok?


With class starting I wanted to work on my project but just wasting my time trying to figure out with drop out menu. But the shelter in place happened and that took up the entire class.


With a busy week last week and a busy weekend, I’m still falling behind on this project. I am hoping to get back on track this week. Fingers crossed


Running a little behind on the project, got every text in the body to be seen more clearly. But, not everything is in progress that I’m needed to do.


With class starting I had all the text customized fully, just need to work on making the text clearer to see.


Walked in to class with the expectation of fully customizing the text and everything else. Which should be very easy to do.


Presentations are today for the 400 level and I am ready to present. I just want to finish the look of the website for the front page. I would do it at home if I didn’t have other work outside of school.


With my presentation done, I am able to work on continuing coding the website. But, I believe the 314 class is presenting today so I will pay attention in the beginning.


Visiting artist came so we didn’t really have the presentations, so I worked on my presentation outside of class cause I wasn’t all too well to work on it in class.


I think I will probably be behind on the class calendar because I didn’t work on the website because I had work that got in the way. I just need to figure out how to properly code in css


So, I walked into class with something under my belt. I know how to get to the custom css page for our website/blog. The only thing is I am not that good with coding in css.


Came to class, I already feel today being one of those days. I really need to figure out how to have custom css in the psu sites.


Came into class ready to start my research on how to build the website for our project. I haven’t had the time to do it outside of class but I will try my best to keep up with the whole process


Came into class a few minutes late because I forgot what time it started for 2 1/2 seconds. But, I am ready to start the day


Came back after a three day weekend, and I am not really ready to be back. But, I am just ready to start working on what I need to do.




Second day of class and I came into class to work on my learning contract and thesis with the semiotic square.


It was the first day of class of a new semester.  We went over the syllabus and what we are expected to do throughout the semester.

Thesis Statement with Diagram

This project is an audio and marketing package focusing on the distribution of digital and analog formats of a compilation album. Due to streaming services, the sales of Vinyl and CDs have plummeted. While Vinyl sales have been starting to rise over recent years the sales of CDs have barely started to gain traction but as of recent there are CD exclusive releases. This project came into mind with the intention of helping boost sales of both Vinyl, CD, and cassette releases. There is something special when owning a Vinyl or CD. You get to hold an artists copy of  their work whether that maybe the audio on the Vinyl or CD. As well as the packaging that was designed for that project. With streaming services you as a consumer lose a sense of ownership, touch and quality of audio.

The physical product will be produced to look like a CD you would buy in the store. It will include a booklet, the back inlay, CD art

A website will be designed with the intention of acting as a record label’s or musician’s website “promoting” and “selling” the compilation album. The website should look and function like a professional website.

All of this is a mock up and will not be produced to be sold.

(We’re not ready to be fully sued)